Beginning July 10, 2023, Premera Blue Cross is launching a new information delivery system for Business Health Trust members with a valid mobile number on file.

What is the Digital Newsfeed?

The Digital Newsfeed provides members with timely notifications designed to help them stay connected with their health plan and better manage their care. The newsfeed works by sending updates right to their mobile phone via text message and connecting them with relevant and personalized content in a convenient format. The new Digital Newsfeed delivers a variety of updates including, but not limited to:

  • Reminders to schedule a free annual checkup
  • Information on how to access virtual care programs covered by their health plan
  • Status updates on prior authorizations

The Digital Newsfeed is a pilot program only available to plan subscribers of select employer groups, provided that they are over the age of 18 and have a valid mobile number on file.

How is Premera telling eligible members?

Premera is sending an introductory text message to eligible plan subscribers beginning mid-July 2023.

Members can access their newsfeed by clicking on the link they receive in the introductory text message. This link will open in their phone’s web browser. The first time that members access their newsfeed, they will be prompted to verify their identity by entering their birth date. After they have completed their verification, that link is then assigned to that member and their device. There is no login required. Members can reply “STOP” at any time to opt out of the text notifications (historically, fewer than 1.5 percent of users choose to opt out of these notifications).

To track the success of this pilot program, Premera will closely monitor the effectiveness of the Digital Newsfeed and any feedback received.

To learn more about Business Health Trust’s medical plans available through Premera Blue Cross, visit our Health Insurance page.