Enjoying the sunny days of summer can boost your mood, but it can also hurt eyes that are not properly protected. This makes summer the perfect time to encourage employees to schedule eye exams and get some new shades!

To help keep eyes protected from the sun, BHT offers a variety of VSP vision plans that include LightCare, which provides a $200 allowance for non-prescription sunglasses. Plans also include annual exams, access to high-quality care and a wide network of providers, full coverage for UV coating and scratch coating, and more.

How to Keep Eyes Sun Safe

Ultraviolet light from the sun can damage the eye’s surface tissues, as well as the corneas and lens. This damage may not be immediately detectible but can lead to issues over time, such as cataracts, tumors, vision issues and more. And like skin, your eyes can also get sunburned.

Some tips to keep eyes safe this summer:

  • When choosing new sunglasses that the UV rating should be 100% or UV400 protection, and block both UV-A and UV-B rays
  • Along with new shades, it is advisable to wear a hat – one with a broad brim is best
  • The whole family should be wearing eye protection – including kids and grandparents
  • Clouds or haze don’t block UV light, and sunlight is strongest midday to early afternoon
  • Sunlight can be stronger at higher altitudes or when reflecting off water, ice, or snow
  • Never look directly at the sun – this can cause serious eye damage

Fun Fact: Spending time outdoors in the daylight can help prevent nearsightedness in kids. Even more reason to encourage kids to play outside – with sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses on of course!

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