As the curtains close on open enrollment season, it’s time to shift gears and focus on what really matters – making sure your employees get the most out of the benefits you’ve meticulously crafted for them. According to the Harvard Business Review, 54% of job seekers considered better health, dental and vision insurance worthy of “heavy consideration” when evaluating job offers. However, just making benefits available is not enough to retain top talent – employees need to regularly make use of their benefits and understand what is available to them.

Let’s dive into our guide on post-enrollment strategies to help your workforce thrive – and help you attract and retain top talent:

Communication is Key:

Clear and consistent communication is the foundation for ensuring that employees are aware of the benefits available to them. Post-enrollment, continue to share information through various channels such as email, intranet, or even workplace bulletin boards. Highlight key aspects of the benefits package, focusing on any recent changes or additions.

At Business Health Trust, we work with employers throughout the year to help keep employees informed and engaged in their benefits. We help member employers keep the benefits buzz alive post-enrollment by arming them with a wide variety of materials and resources to make communicating BHT benefits convenient for employers and meaningful for employees.

Promote Wellness Initiatives:

A healthier workforce not only benefits employees individually but also contributes to improved overall productivity. Emphasize wellness programs and initiatives that complement your benefits package. Encourage employees to participate in wellness activities, such as fitness challenges, mental health workshops, or preventive health screenings.

Our wellness toolkits provide BHT member employers with relevant and timely health information (with links to more information and resources on their benefits) each month. This includes highlighting valuable extras, like the Employee Assistance Program included in most of our medical plans.

Utilize Technology:

The right technology can make a world of difference. Leverage technology to streamline the benefits management process. Utilize user-friendly portals or apps that allow employees to access benefits and information easily. Consider integrating features such as virtual care, nurse lines, videos and webinars to help employees make optimal choices based on their personal circumstances.

At Business Health Trust, we take the administrative burden off of member employers with an intuitive admin portal that makes enrollment and administration easy, and a robust Employer Resource HUB that provides easy access to plan information. For employees, we offer virtual care in all our medical plans, as well as a variety of healthcare and wellness apps.

Education and Training:

Healthcare is a complicated subject, even for HR professionals. With training and education, employees could improve their healthcare literacy! Conduct educational sessions or workshops to promote a healthy workplace and help employees understand their benefits better. Invite benefits providers to explain complex topics, such as health insurance options or retirement plans. Consider providing online resources or hosting webinars to accommodate remote workers.

At BHT, our dynamic monthly webinars ensure all employees, whether in the office or remote, can access essential information on health and wellbeing – and we’re always happy to come talk to members about their benefits.

Regular Check-Ins:

Knowledge is power. Establish a schedule for regular check-ins with employees to discuss their satisfaction with their benefits and address any concerns. This could be part of performance reviews or conducted separately. Encourage an open dialogue about the effectiveness of the benefits package and gather feedback for future improvements.

Celebrate Success Stories:

Success deserves to be celebrated! Share the stories of employees who’ve reaped the benefits of your wellness programs. It not only motivates others but contributes to a positive workplace culture where employees feel valued and supported.

Open enrollment is just the beginning of the journey toward a successful benefits program. Employers who actively engage with their workforce post-enrollment, providing ongoing support, education, and flexibility, will not only enhance employee satisfaction but also ensure that the benefits they offer translate into tangible well-being and productivity gains. By taking these steps, employers can truly demonstrate their commitment to the holistic success of their employees.

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