For Business Health Trust members enrolled in one of our Industry Health Trusts with Premera Blue Cross medical, here are some tips to help you start taking advantage of the quality care and benefits available to you.

  • Explore your benefits.
    Create an account or sign in to your existing account on
  • Make your covered preventive care appointments for the year.
    Use Premera’s Find a Doctor tool for doctors, dentists, pharmacies, and medical centers. Your network name is on your Premera member ID card. Browse by category for fast results. You can even compare procedure costs.

  • Primary care clinics in Washington
    Kinwell providers can treat you and your family from head to toe. Be seen in the office or virtually. Timely appointments are often available.

  • Go Paperless and get alerts when you have a new EOB.
    An EOB (or explanation of benefits) is the statement we send you after your claim is processed. It lists the services provided; the amount that’s covered by your plan; and any balance you’re responsible for paying your healthcare provider. You should always review your EOB to make sure it’s correct. The EOB is not a bill. If you owe for services, you will receive a bill from the provider. Go paperless now.
  • Download the Premera Mobile App.
    For easy access to your health plan information wherever you go, download the Premera Mobile App. Available for iOS or Android.

From saving money, to feeling better, to taking advantage of wellness programs, having a Business Health Trust plan can have a positive impact on your life. Learn more about the medical plans available through Business Health Trust.