What are employers doing in response to COVID-19 in Washington State?

Many have issued remote work suggestions or guidelines. Many have restricted travel. Many have eliminated large meetings or gatherings of more than 10. Every company and industry is different, and not all employees can work remotely.

For workers who can remotely work:

  • Remote work for a period of time (some have done through March, some through end of next week and everywhere in between)
  • Limit meetings in-person
  • Reschedule or limit events or large gatherings

For workers who can’t work remotely:

  • Limit all-company meetings/ gatherings of 5+ people (some have indicated 5, 10, 20)
  • Janitorial service based gloves to be worn at all times
  • Requiring hand washing at the beginning of each shift
  • Taking hand washing breaks (or shifts)
  • Stagger start and stop times of shifts as to reduce amount of people commuting (via public transportation) at any given time
  • Prop restroom doors open slightly (when appropriate) to avoid touching handles
  • At restaurants, ask guests to wash hands before sitting down at the table
  • Increase paper towels in bathroom so people can use the paper towels to open door handles
  • Wipe down door handles, counters, credit card processing pads, areas that are commonly touched frequently
  • Post “please do not touch” signs on products (retail)
  • Wipe down products
  • Have employees use gloves when cleaning
  • Have employees sanitize their phones

What is your employer doing? Email us – let us know! We will update this listing.

BHT aims to be a resource to employers in Washington State. By sharing what others are doing, our hope is that companies will be able to identify ideas that might work in their own businesses.

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What are employers doing in response to COVID-19 in Washington State?

Updated 5:11pm on 3/4/2020