Preparing for Your Home Oral Health Routine

From Business Health Trust dental provider Delta Dental of Washington.

Sounds easy right, but there is more to this simple daily routine! Not only do good oral health habits help protect you from gum disease and cavities, but a twice-daily brushing and flossing can actually save you serious money. One study performed by Delta Dental states that practicing good oral health hygiene can save $2,187 for every cavity prevented in your lifetime.

Let’s look at the top three things to do.

  1. If nothing else brushing your teeth twice a day will help fight off cavities and gum disease. Removing the plaque with your brush removes the sticky film that contains harmful bacteria. When this becomes hardened it is called tartar and will take more to remove. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends using a toothpaste with fluoride. Check out the ADA website.
  2. We know we are supposed to floss after meals because it is crucial in preventing gum disease and periodontitis. Building this habit into your routine will help remove food particles from between teeth where brushing cannot reach. The good news is flossing can be achieved many ways:
    • Tiny brushes
    • Pointed rubber tips
    • Powerful water flushing tools
    • Pre-threaded flossers
  3. Mouthwash washes away any particles left behind from flossing. This way you are ensuring nothing gets left behind in your teeth. So, using a mouthwash should come after you floss and before you brush your teeth. There are many to choose from with many different flavors. Look for the ADA seal of approval, meaning scientific evidence of safety and efficacy has been provided. Remember children younger than 6 are not recommended to use mouthwash unless directed by a dentist as there is the possibility of them swallowing too much.

For full details on each of these topics visit the Delta Dental blog, where our Tooth Fairy will also share best practices through a video.