Five Ways to Help You Relieve Stress

From Business Health Trust dental provider Delta Dental of Washington

Whether it’s work demands, family obligations, or a busy social calendar, stress can take a serious toll on our mental and physical health. Stress can even impact the health of our mouth – issues like teeth grinding, gum disease, canker sores, and TMJ dysfunction can all be made worse in times of stress.

Here is a list of 5 easy tips for managing stress.

  1. Exercise regularly
    Exercise increases concentrations of a hormone called norepinephrine, which studies show helps the brain manage its response to stress and stressful situations.
  2. Kick the unhealthy habits
    When we’re stressed, we sometimes turn to not-so-healthy ways to deal with it – perhaps we drink a little more than we intended or light up a cigarette after finally quitting.
  3. Practice the art of saying “no”
    Sometimes, graciously turning down plans can be the best way to relieve some pressure from a busy schedule.
  4. Get in touch with yourself
    If you haven’t tried meditation, this is your sign to start. Practicing mindfulness meditation significantly reduced the body’s inflammatory response to stress when compared to other traditional stress-relieving habits.
  5. Talk to someone
    Call up a trusted friend or loved one and talk to them about what’s stressing you out. Just the simple act of them lending their ear can make a world of difference.

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