Do Your Finances Feel Out of Control? Tips to Save More and Spend Less

Hoping to get fiscally fit and better manage your finances?

Dedicated to providing small businesses with resources to help keep their employees and their families healthy and well, Business Health Trust offers a free monthly wellness webinar that you can read more about on our Webinars and Resources page.

This month’s training, Getting Fiscally Fit: Save More, Spend Less, provides specific steps you can take to manage your finances and acts as a helpful guide to creating a budget.

Join us at at 11 a.m. September 15, 2023 to get tips on making and sticking to a budget, which is a key step toward getting a handle on your personal finances. Getting started can be the hardest part, especially if the financial situation feels out of control.

Click here to learn more about Business Health Trust’s employee assistance program (EAP) offered by Behavioral Health Services.

Discover Strategies to Stay Motivated and Engaged at Free Webinar Aug. 16

Dedicated to providing small businesses with resources to help keep their employees and their families healthy and well, Business Health Trust offers a free monthly wellness webinar that you can read more about on our new Webinars and Resources page.

Join us in August for a free webinar on Maintaining Motivation at 11 a.m. Wednesday, August 16.

Most people want to change at least one thing in their life, but it can be challenging to find the motivation just to make a start. Join us for a discussion on the importance of motivation in the workplace and discover strategies for staying engaged at work.

Click here to learn more about Business Health Trust’s employee assistance program (EAP) offered by Behavioral Health Services.

Business Health Trust Expands Access with Greater Kitsap Chamber Partnership

Business Health Trust is proud to announce a new partnership with the Greater Kitsap Chamber that makes it even easier for people across Washington state to access our comprehensive, affordable employee benefits to small and mid-sized businesses.

This expansion effective August 1, 2023, complements nearby partnerships already in place throughout Kitsap County and the Olympic Peninsula, including:

Through these and other valuable statewide partnerships, Business Health Trust continues to improve the resources available to small business. We make joining easy and part of your enrollment, just choose your association when you sign up. If your business is outside one of these regions, you can still be covered by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more, visit our Who We Are page.

Learn Communication Skills to Build a Positive Work Environment at Free Webinar on July 20

Dedicated to providing small businesses with resources to help keep their employees and their families healthy and well, Business Health Trust offers a free monthly wellness webinar that you can read more about on our new Webinars and Resources page.

Join us in July for a webinar on Communication: Professionalism in the Workplace from 11 a.m. to noon PT on Thursday, July 20.

Good communication in the workplace ensures employees have the information they need to perform well and helps to build a positive work environment. This training provides the key factors to maintaining workplace professionalism and provides guidance on how to effectively communicate with difficult people.

Click here to learn more about Business Health Trust’s employee assistance program (EAP) offered by Behavioral Health Services.

Washington Cares Fund Payroll Withholding Deadline Is Approaching

From Business Health Trust association partner Archbright

In 2020, Washington state passed the nation’s first long-term care insurance program, the Washington Cares Fund, paid for by a mandatory payroll tax. The program was initially scheduled to commence on January 1, 2022; however, at the 11th hour, Gov. Jay Inslee signed legislation delaying the implementation to July 1, 2023. The 18-month extension was intended to allow the Legislature to make critical improvements to the law, including expanding the reasons for exemption.

As the new implementation date rapidly approaches, most anticipate it will likely not be delayed further. Employers should prepare to withhold the tax from participating employees’ wages in the amount of .58%, or 58 cents per $100 of income. Employers may elect to pay this tax on the employee’s behalf, but the employer is not obligated to pay any amount.

Employees with a private long-term care insurance plan on or before November 1, 2021, were able to apply for an exemption before December 31, 2022. That opt-out provision is no longer available. Employees who opted out of the state program at that time will never be able to opt back in. The Employment Security Department (ESD) has stated that employees can terminate their private insurance plan if their insurance carrier allows it; however, they still cannot opt back into the program.

Starting in 2023, there are new exemption types that eligible employees can apply for, including those who:

  • Live outside of Washington state
  • Temporarily work in Washington with a nonimmigrant visa
  • Are a spouse or registered domestic partner of an active-duty military member
  • Are a veteran with a 70% or greater service-connected disability

Employees may file for the exemption on the Washington Cares Fund website and show any resulting approval letter to their employer to ensure they do not withhold the premium. Employees who no longer qualify for one of these exemptions must notify the ESD and their employer within 90 days. At that point, the employer should reinstate premium deductions, and the employee will be enrolled in the program. The only exception to this is the private long-term care insurance and service-connected disability exemptions, which are permanent.

Quarterly reporting and premium submittal are the same as for Washington Paid Family and Medical Leave — ESD is updating the Paid Leave reporting system so employers can report for both programs simultaneously. While premiums must be collected starting July 1, the first reporting period for Washington Cares Fund begins October 2023.

The long-term care insurance benefits will be available to participants starting July 1, 2026.

For more information, including sample employee communication, Business Health Trust members may utilize their complimentary Archbright access to reference the mozzo Resource Library for Washington Cares Fund Keynote or the HR Hotline. Additionally, the Washington Cares Fund employer website contains a comprehensive library of information, including an Employer Toolkit, Employer FAQs, recorded webinars, sample posters, and more.

Simplify Your Employee Benefits Plan with a July Renewal Date

Did you know that Business Health Trust offers flexible renewal dates that can help lighten your workload at the end of the year? Now is the time to explore the diverse employee benefits plans available through our 11 health trusts with a July 1 anniversary date.

This is a valuable opportunity that allows employers to move the burden of open enrollment to a time that might be easier for you and your employees. Access to a Business Health Trust plan that renews July 1 is available in the following industries:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Business Services
  • Community Service Organizations
  • Healthcare
  • Information Technology
  • Media
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Transportation
  • Wholesaling

As your source for employee benefits, Business Health Trust is focused on simplifying your administration and helping you cut costs. Whether you have two employees or more than 100, we can help you create a benefits program that attracts talent and keeps your employees healthy and productive — at a budget you can afford.

Learn more about the diverse selection of health insurance plans combined with other resources and discounts available through Business Health Trust on our What We Offer page. Questions? Contact or fill out our Request a Quote form.

At-Home Biometric Screening Kits Available at a Discount to Business Health Trust Members

Supporting wellness just keeps getting easier for members of Business Health Trust.

As we kick off a New Year, Business Health Trust is excited to announce a new partnership with Reperio, which can help your employees prioritize their health through at-home wellness screening tests. From the comfort of home, the app-supported screenings allow members to track their key metrics in just 30 minutes.

By offering employees at-home options, you can remove common barriers to engagement and offer accessible and equitable benefits to all of your employees, whether they are remote or in office. And there’s no time like the New Year to help employees get a baseline understanding of their health that they can measure and track over time.

The kits are available at a discount to companies enrolled in Business Health Trust, and can be shipped directly to your employees at home. The kit includes everything an employee needs to complete the screening, including a cholesterol and blood sugar medical device, blood pressure cuff and more.

As soon as the screening is done, results are available immediately in the app, along with a detailed explanation of what they mean. The Reperio kit meets the biometric criteria of the American Heart Association’s screening guidelines because it measures key indicators of chronic disease, including:

  • Blood pressure (both systolic and diastolic)
  • Heart rate
  • Total cholesterol
  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • Triglyceridies
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Relative Fat Mass (RFM)

After receiving their results, the employee selects a return method (free UPS pickup or drop off) in the Reperio app. They also have the ability to share the results with their primary care provider or other health care provider.

To learn more, download the How it Works flyer from Reperio and Business Health Trust.

Other Business Health Trust Wellness Resources

Looking for other resources to help your workplace kick the New Year off more healthfully? This is a great time to remind employees that they have access at no additional cost to the Passport Corporate discount program, which includes health and wellness resources like gym memberships, among many other discounts. More resources are available on our Employer Resource Hub, including our Employer Toolkit with Monthly Wellness Tools. If you have questions about Reperio or Business Health Trust’s other wellness resources, please contact us at

Business Health Trust Expands Access to Employee Benefits through Peninsula Partnerships

Business Health Trust is proud to announce new peninsula partnerships that extend access to our comprehensive, affordable employee benefits to small and mid-sized businesses in Clallam County and beyond.

Starting January 1, 2023, members of the following Olympic Peninsula chambers will have access to Business Health Trust:

Business Health Trust also is now available to members of the South Kitsap Chamber of Commerce.

To learn more about these valuable partnerships, view our flyer Business Health Trust Expands Access to Employee Benefits to Clallam County.

New Video Highlights What’s New with Business Health Trust for 2023

Our mission at Business Health Trust is to help Washington’s business community thrive by providing the high quality, affordable employee benefits growing companies need to be competitive. As we approach a new plan year for many of our programs, we are excited to introduce updates that we know will help you attract talent, and keep your employees healthy and productive.

Please watch the above short video to learn more about what’s new with Business Health Trust for 2023, including the following highlights:

Enhanced Employee Assistance Program

A new and enhanced employee assistance program (EAP) through Behavioral Health Systems offers 4 in-person or virtual sessions per year at no additional cost for groups enrolled in one of BHT’s Industry Health Trusts. This expanded benefit is also available to Business Health Trust groups enrolled in the Small‑Group Community Rated Program or Non-Medical offerings at no change to the current rate for employers. Highlights of the plan include:

  • Critical Incident & Crisis Response – 24/7 access to a counselor within 2 hours.
  • Mental Health Therapy – In-person, video and phone-based sessions with a trained therapist.
  • Financial Advice – Assistance on budgeting, estate planning, debt reduction, saving for college, etc.
  • Legal Advice – Referrals for personal legal advice, tax and IRS issues, will preparation, etc.
  • Tools for Supervisors – Supervisory referrals, training and more.
  • Support for Dependents – At no added cost, dependents can access the EAP.

To learn more, download the 2023 BHT Employee Assistance Program Flyer.

New Vision Plans

For 2023, you now have six vision plan variations through VSP Vision Care Inc. with the introduction of the following additions:

  • Exam Plus plan is inexpensive and covers an annual exam plus discounted hardware.
  • Voluntary Vision plan that matches the existing Plan A in both benefits and price.
  • Computer VisionCare plan that covers an annual eye exam designed to detect eye health and vision issues caused by computer and digital device use, discounts on hardware and more.

8 Dental Plans to Choose From

The new $750 annual maximum plan offers a more inexpensive option to our diverse dental plan designs. All eight plans include an annual exam, with deductibles that range from $750 to $2,500.

Learn more about what’s new for 2023 by watching the above short video, or you can download the What’s New with Business Health Trust for 2023 Flyer.

Learn About Upcoming Pay Transparency Changes at Free Webinar Nov. 30

Starting Jan. 1, 2023, Washington state employers will need to ensure each job posting includes a salary range, benefits and more. Find out what this means to you at the free Chamber Briefing: Pay Transparency webinar from 11 a.m. to noon Nov. 30, 2022.

Join the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Business Health Trust and HR and legal experts to:

  • Learn if your business must comply
  • Take away tactics and resources to help you, HR and your managers comply with the new law
  • Explore how transparency may impact recruitment