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Prepare for Flu Season with Business Health Trust

With cold and flu season just getting started, now is the time to get your flu shot if you haven’t already. It’s easy to do if you’re enrolled in Business Health Trust’s medical coverage through Premera Blue Cross or Kaiser Permanente.

Kaiser Permanente

For Business Health Trust members enrolled in medical with Kaiser Permanente, the flu vaccine is covered as an in-network preventive service for all Kaiser Permanente members; deductibles and coinsurance my apply.

Flu vaccinations are available at all Kaiser Permanente medical offices. Get your vaccine during a regular appointment, or drop by your clinic between 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (some injection rooms are closed at lunchtime). You can also get your vaccine at a CareClinic inside several Bartell Drugs locations.

Learn more about Immunizations, vaccinations, and shots: What they are and how they can save your life.

Premera Blue Cross

For Business Health Trust members enrolled in medical with Premera Blue Cross, your flu shot is free* if you go to an in-network doctor or pharmacy. Employers can make it even easier to support a healthy workplace by setting up an on-site flu shot clinic.

Not sure whether the flu vaccine is for you? Read these 5 popular myths about the flu shot.

*If the flu shot is your only reason for your office visit, the visit will be fully covered. If you have other care or services as part of the office visit, you may responsible for all or part of the cost of the visit. You may need to pay up-front at your pharmacy. Go to to download and submit a medical claim form to be reimbursed.

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Avoid the Emergency Room – Get Preventive Dental Visits

Preventive dental care isn’t only about keeping your smile perfect — it’s also about saving you money and time.

The time it takes to see a doctor in an emergency room can last anywhere from 30 minutes to hours at a time. Even so, 79 percent of people who go to the emergency room seeking dental-related care will be told to visit a dental office.

Research shows that if these emergency room visits were replaced with preventive care visits, there would be a savings of nearly $1.7 million dollars per year — enough to put toward dental premiums or other treatment.

Business Health Trust members enrolled in dental benefits through Delta Dental of Washington can get preventive care started with MySmile. Use your MySmile account to:

  • Find a dentist near you
  • Check your benefits
  • Get treatment estimates
  • View treatment history

For more oral health tips, visit Delta Dental of Washington’s oral health blog.

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Save Big Through Business Health Trust’s New Passport Corporate Program

Are you ready to save big as a member of Business Health Trust? To help employers offer even more valuable benefits to their employees, Business Health Trust has launched a new partnership with Passport Corporate.

Companies enrolled in any Business Health Trust product now can offer their employees complimentary access to savings at more than 2,500 vendors including pet insurance, travel, entertainment, shopping, local restaurants and more. Each membership offers you the opportunity to register up to four devices, so you can share the savings with your partners and dependents.

For employees enrolled in Business Health Trust, follow these two easy steps to start saving today:

  1. Visit and register your qualifying at-work email
  2. Download the “PASSPORT MOBILE” app on your smartphone

Watch this short video for tips on how to take advantage of the program, or download a flyer for more information on Passport Corporate through Business Health Trust.

Is Your Diet Damaging Your Smile?

Dieting is more convenient and popular than it’s ever been, with around 45 million Americans dieting each year.

But not every diet is a win-win situation for your body. In fact, some of the most mainstream diets — like the keto diet and intermittent fasting — can help slim your waste line, but they may also do harm to your oral health. For example, the keto diet is known to cause bad breath. The best way to know whether your diet is hurting your smile is to go see a dentist.

Ready to find a dentist near you? For Business Health Trust members enrolled in dental plan through Delta Dental of Washington, you can use your MySmile Account!

In addition to helping you find a dentist, your MySmile account can also help you:

  • Track your benefits
  • Calculate treatment costs
  • Locate a dental specialist
  • Review treatment history

For more tips like this, visit Delta Dental of Washington’s oral health blog.

Need care? Know where to go — and what it will cost

If you need care but your doctor isn’t available, you have options as a member of Business Health Trust. For those members enrolled in medical with Premera Blue Cross, keep in mind that some options are more expensive than others. The exact cost of your visit depends on your plan and the care you get.

24-Hour NurseLine (Free)

Call the 24-Hour NurseLine at 800-841-8343 — for free. The nurse can discuss your symptoms and help you find a doctor, urgent care clinic or hospital near you.

Virtual care with Teladoc® ($)

For conditions that are not life threatening, like cold and flu symptoms, allergies and ear infections, you can talk to a doctor by phone or video. Teladoc dermatologists are also available to address concerns with skin infections and rash.* Go to or call 855-332-4059. You can get virtual care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

Urgent care ($$)

Urgent care clinics provide care for illnesses like ear infections, fever or flu symptoms, or sprains.** Clinics are often open outside of normal business hours and are less expensive than the emergency room.

Emergency room ($$$)

Emergency room visits cost the most and should be used for emergencies, such as severe abdominal pain, shortness of breath, sudden numbness, loss of consciousness, or broken bones. *Most facilities are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays).

Tip: Add these contacts in your mobile phone so care is always at your fingertips:

* Teladoc operates subject to state regulation and may not be available in certain states. Video consultations through Teladoc are available 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., 7 days a week. Teladoc is an independent company that arranges virtual medical care services on behalf of Premera Blue Cross.

**Source: 24-Hour NurseLine. These examples are not meant to be used as medical advice. Please call the 24-Hour NurseLine about your specific issue to get advice on where to go for care.


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Young boy at dentist's office.

Understanding Oral Health Disparities

Although we live in one of the more health conscious states in the United States, at least 144,300 children are affected by tooth decay each year.

In Washington state, Hispanic and Alaskan native children have a 50 percent higher rate of tooth decay compared to white children. While the state is working hard to develop programs and policies to advance children’s health, the best way to eliminate oral health disparities is to ensure all children get their regular preventive care treatment.

Use MySmile to manage your child’s benefits

For Business Health Trust members enrolled in affordable dental insurance through Delta Dental of Washington, your MySmile account can help you can find a dentist and more for your kids.

  • Monitor your Benefits
  • Endorse a Dentist
  • View Your Treatment History
  • Get Treatment Estimates

For more tips like this, visit Delta Dental of Washington’s oral health blog.