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Event: 36th Annual ‘Best Practices for Best Employers™’ Labor and Employment Seminar

Learn more about this event hosted by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce. Join Lane Powell, Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Washington Bankers Association, Washington Retail Association and Greater Seattle Business Association on Tuesday, October 23 at the Grand Hyatt in Seattle for this consistently popular Best Practices for Best Employers™ seminar that attendees call Read post

Event: Executive Speaker Series: Healthcare: Meeting Needs Through Virtual Care

Now you can speak to a health professional without ever leaving your home, and even get prescriptions delivered right to your doorstep. Hear more from local healthcare experts on the impacts of these innovative approaches and what’s to come in health coverage. Visit the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce website for more information and registration Read post

Flexible Spending Accounts—a Great Way to Set Aside Money for Certain Expenses

There are two types of FSAs: 1. Healthcare: For eligible medical, dental, and vision expenses, such as plan deductibles, copays, and coinsurance. 2. Dependent care: For eligible dependent care expenses, such as daycare for a child. With an FSA, you: Save on taxes: You can automatically deposit funds from your paycheck pre-tax into your FSA. Read post

Health and Wellness Support Beyond Medical Coverage

Premera Blue Cross offers special perks through the Member Discounts Program. The program is separate from your medical benefits plan. These member discounts are just another way Premera supports the health of you and your family beyond providing medical coverage. Popular discount categories include: • Diet, nutrition, and supplements • Eye care services and hardware Read post

On the Mend with Outpatient Rehab

Premera’s Outpatient Rehabilitation Management program makes sure you get the best care—and the right kind of care—after an illness or injury. Outpatient rehabilitation, or rehab, benefits are part of every Premera plan. They include therapy you get outside of a hospital admission: Massage therapy Physical therapy Occupational therapy Ensuring your best care Premera reviews treatment Read post

Eat well. Sleep well. Live well.

Lifestyle diseases are preventable illnesses linked to a person’s habits. They include serious conditions such as: Heart disease Type 2 diabetes Obesity High blood pressure Many cancers Practice these habits to help you enjoy a healthy life: Eat a healthy diet: Put colorful fruits and veggies on the menu. Nutritional counseling is part of every Read post