Are You Prepared for the WA Long-Term Care Act?

As a source to help small businesses navigate the complex world of health insurance and employee benefits, Business Health Trust has compiled valuable resources to help employers and employees understand the Washington Long-Term Care Act.

The new law mandating public long-term care (LTC) benefits for Washington residents will be funded by Washington wage earners via a 0.58% tax on employee wages.

Washington state residents who contribute to the program will become eligible to a lifetime benefit of $36,500 to pay for long-term services and supports (in Washington state).

Employees can receive an exemption from paying premiums if they have long-term care insurance before November 1, 2021, and apply for an exemption from October 1, 2021 through December 31, 2022.

For more information about the program, please watch our short video above, or visit our resources page with program details and helpful links:

If you are interested in pursuing a group policy for your small business, Business Health Trust has partnered with Allstate to provide a life insurance policy with a long-term care insurance rider. Please contact us at for more information or help.