The health of our members comes first. That’s why we’re excited to announce our latest benefit – Wellness Wednesdays! As the pandemic continues and the weather changes, we can all use a little motivation to stay healthy. Starting Wednesday October 7, and running through the end of the year, BHT will host an online wellness class. We’ve worked with local providers to offer these classes exclusively for our members.


All classes are on Wednesdays during the noon hour






HIIT Bodyweight Workout with Ian Fitness

Take a break from work and join Ian, of Ian Fitness, for a 40-minute workout. Ian will offer beginner, intermediate, and more advanced versions of the exercises!

This workout will be suitable for all fitness levels, doesn’t require any equipment and is designed to help you feel strong and energized, while helping to improve your strength, endurance and immunity. Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey, or you’ve been at it for a while, this workout will be the perfect challenge for you!

About Ian

Ian Weinberg, owner and Chief Motivating Officer of Ian Fitness has been helping Seattleites improve their health and fitness for well over a decade. Whether it is improving strength, endurance, energy, or dropping some unwanted pounds, he’s helped thousands of people reach their goals – and now you’re next!  Click here to meet Ian and learn a little bit more about his online Zoom classes.


Hatha Yoga with Fran Gallo

Join Fran Gallo for a session of Hatha Yoga. This multi-level class is great for beginners, and seasoned yogis alike. Fran will lead participants through yoga postures centered around a general theme of Stretch and Strength. For each posture, she’ll provide modified versions for beginners, and more advanced versions of each pose for experienced participants. You will leave class feeling healthy, refreshed, free of stress, limber, and strong.

Class participants will need a yoga mat. The following props are optional but recommended if your hamstrings are tight: a strap or towel and two yoga blocks.

About Fran

Fran started practicing yoga as a means of releasing tension after long hours of working as an English Instructor at Green River College, WA. Love of yoga made Fran decide to devote herself to learning this meditative art in order to share its healing effects with others. In 1996, Fran was certified under Yogi Vikashananda in Nepal. She has been teaching since ’96. According to Fran, the magic of yoga is in the discovery of being able to go beyond what we perceive as our limits and in the profound sense of peace and balance that comes with the yoga practice. 


At-Home Ergonomic Advice & Stretches

Many of us find ourselves working from home for the first time, and in a maybe less-than-ideal desk configuration. If this sounds like you, join us at noon to hear from Kerry Field, PT, DPT. Kerry is a physical therapist with Peak Sports & Spine Physical Therapy, who will share some ergonomic advice, stretches and health tips to keep you feeling good while working from home.

About Kerry

Kerry’s approach to treatment is team-focused, where the patient and therapist work together not only to treat symptoms but find the root cause of a patient’s dysfunction. Helping patients achieve their goals is a top priority, as she avidly enjoys running, hiking, and being outdoors herself. Kerry has a strong background in clinical running gait analysis, biomechanics and manual therapy. She has additional background experience in pediatric care, both orthopedic and neurological. Learn more about Peak Sports & Spine Physical Therapy


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We hope you’ll share this resource with your employees, and even consider using these weekly wellness classes as a team-building exercise!