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Business Health Trust is a benefit trust offering non-medical coverage(s) as well as providing trust administrative services and access to True Employer Association Health Plans (AHPs).

Plan Summaries and Booklets

This page contains the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC), Summary Plan Description (SPD), and booklets for all plans offered by the various Industry Trusts through Business Health Trust. These documents are provided to assist employers in fulfilling their obligations to provide employees with SBC's within the time frame and circumstances required by the Affordable Care Act.

The SBC is a standardized description of the benefits and coverage available under the group health plan. SBC's and Glossary of Health Coverage and Medical Terms must be provided to all participants and beneficiaries on or after September 23, 2013.

Forms Library

This section will allow you to access forms including Enrollment Forms, Claim Forms, Administrative Forms, etc.

Group Administrative Guide

This guide is provided to all employers for their reference in administering eligibility and submitting premium for their coverage.  In signing the Group Master Application, employers agree to the terms of the Group Administrative Guide.

Marketing Resources

In this section you will find marketing materials, press releases, news and articles, and related links.

Wellness Program

In this section you will find marketing materials, forms, and templates to promote the Wellness Program.

Provider Directories

This section provided tool and references to search for doctors and hospitals and other specialist within the covered networks. 

Pharmacy Information

This section provides you access to pharmacy information, including pharmacy locations, prescription mail order services, preferred medication lists and drug formulary search.